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First match after patch, go 3-0 up in first half opponent pauses straight away, expecting him to quit but instead resuming match appears almost straight away with the 3,2,1 countdown, now I'm stuck with the words "resuming match", will give it 5 mins before I alt-tab. Hopefully just a one off and not a new glitch following the patch (seem to remember this happening to a few folk last year though, so maybe not).


  • Psyclon13
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    It's happened to me several times, mainly during WL. In all cases I was forced to restart the game and got a loss. I don't know if the other player is causing it, or the game, either way I just sigh and continue.
  • ShadowofEnigma
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    If you wait, you might be able to see your players moving around in the back round (like the pause screen when it changes screens and and camera angles). If so, you can continue to play this way (though it is difficult, but you CAN get goals) Once the time runs out, the advance screen will come out.

    Lots of people trying to do this crap lately, and EA refuses to do anything, because they think all the quitting is from people with poor internet connection and not people abusing mechanics. Though they should realize if internet connection is THAT bad, maybe they shouldn't be playing an online game that relies on a decent ping, and instead should be playing squad battles.
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