93 Gullit vs 90 Gullit as a cdm?

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As a cdm along with kante in a 4231, does the 93 worth the extra mill? Have any of you guys used both to compare?


  • Williejno1
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    Such a good player bit of a waste playing him that far back
    I know he could literally play any position well given his stats
    if u can use that extra mil elsewhere I’d go with the 90 the difference is not considerable between the 2 Both are immense in game
  • Roc_Xel
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    Cant compare them both as I only know the 93 but completely agree with the above post. I feel Gullit is underused as a CDM.

    I used him as a CM in a 41212(2) and even then, did not show his full potential (imo), which he does not as a CAM in a 4222, I kind of changed formation to suit him. He's amazing (and I love 4222 too...)
  • castleuy
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    Thanks guys! I have cr7, toty neymar, toty kdb and mbappe up front, besides I also play 41212 narrow and will put gullit and kdb as cms. Perhaps I could upgrade mbappe to best or upgrade kante with the extra mill.

  • The king
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    93 is amazing .. i even used him as lwb in some games and did very well.
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    Vieira as a cdm. Gullit as CM.
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