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This game and gameplay (big variation of gameplay)

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Last night I had my worst session of FIFA this year, the night before the best...

Why does gameplay vary this much? Last night I hit the post countless times and the gameplay felt so slow and random.

The night before it was opposite. I scored worldies and gameplay was so smooth.

Anyone else experience this?


  • RebelRob
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    I’d say daily, but for me it’s almost game by game.

    A couple of games will be fine, then there’s delay, speed up lag or ‘random’ 🙄 bounces all falling to my opponent for a game or 2, and then all of a sudden the next game I’m flying.

    There’s no way, on the same connection, that it varies so much over the period of a couple of hours.

    It’s a combination of things, but one thing is clear, and that’s that their servers are appalling and they need to reinvest some of their heinously high profits into better servers.
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