I Love Pro Clubs

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With all the complaining going on about what's wrong with pro clubs, I want to give props for breaking my madden addiction. I spend days playing clubs and never get bored. That saying "don't fix it if it's not broke" applies here.

Well done!


  • Custard Musket
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    All well and good mate but sadly it is (broken).

    Not sure where you play but try CAM. Naturally you would expect to sit in the middle of three but if you do this year according to the game you are out of position and therefore receive a poor match rating. Just one example of many in terms of it being broken or not.

    Not sure how long your madden addiction has been going on in terms of years but there have been far superior versions of Pro Clubs than this years version and by this years version I actually mean last years because that is pretty much what it is but with more taken out.

    The fact you are playing it now is a good thing however because that means come next year, you too will see how little work has been put in to it. Not every aspect of the title Fifa by the way... much of what they do or try to do should be praised. Even if it doesn't quite work at least they have tried but if you actually read many of the complaints here they relate to very little being put in to this aspect (Pro Clubs) and if you are reading a lot of complaints that's because Pro Clubs has a long standing and large fan base that more often than not get completely over looked.

  • Skinner249
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    If you're addicted to every game being a 4231 with 2 Cdms, 2 wingers, one Cam and one 6"4 striker, abusing switched chipped through ball to the opposite wings and then cross at least 60 times a game, then you'd have loved the mode in years gone by.
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