IF Martial or IF Ousmane at LF?

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Has anyone tried both and can share any opinions please? Will play with Ibra and POTM Reus at RF


  • makkan00
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    Whoever gets more chemistry.
    Martial has a bit more strength so he does not get pushed easily when he is on the ball.

    Ousmane (if you are referring to French player), he has 5-star week foot. The plus is that you can use him at any position in the game and he is lethal, however, get pushed easily. Another plus is his skill rating.

    I am using regular Martial with ibra as LF. And regular gold Osumane (RW) is sitting at the bench as a sub.

    Looking at futbin, Martial has better Goal per game ratio and physical strength is better. IF weak foot is no concern, my money will be spent on him.
  • maXmood
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    martial is better.. the physical is greater on him..

    i've used both, dembele is great on the right side, not so much on the left side..
  • TimRUFC
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    Thinking the possibility of IF Dembele tbh and playing him at RF with Reus the other side after switches. Thanks for the help guys
  • Ulook92
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    Martial is btilliant.
  • lewspaz
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    Ousmane could be upgraded in a week or two
  • Andy99TradeZ
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    Ulook92 wrote: »
    Martial is btilliant.

  • Olleman
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    Kinda wanna get Martial as well. Is he better than 86 Felipe Anderson? :)
  • Nivaze
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    Martial is actually really good, he also still scores with his WF despite having 3*.

  • Krisp77
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    Olleman wrote: »
    Kinda wanna get Martial as well. Is he better than 86 Felipe Anderson? :)
    He’s not better than Anderson
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