Stop screwing me over when OPPONENTS quit.

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Fut Champions. This week alone, I've had 5 people quit within the first minutes. I am so damn sick of this.
My OPPONENT quits, and *I* am the one who gets punished? Wtf. It counts as a loss, I lost a contract , I have a loan icon player that I traded valuable cards to test this card to see if I want it before I get it, and I've lost 5 of those damn loan matches because people QUIT. How the hell is this fair? How the hell do I continue to get punished for other people abusing the game mechanics and being poor sports.

Why do I continue to get paired up against these people? Does EA not have a mechanism that throws the people that do this crap to the 'unwanted' list to play against each other, and another list that is for the people who are known to not quit games , etc.

In 300 games, I've dropped from 5. The first 3 were from when I first got the game, I had my ipod plugged into my PC to charge, the wire would come loose and connect back in, starting the apple software , minimizing my game, and so I got kicked from the match because I guess minimizing for 3 seconds will destroy the game. Whatever fine. The other 2 times my internet dropped. Thats in 300 games. Yet for some amazing reason, one in every 3 games, I get paired with someone who literally quit before half. This is πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ me off to no damn end. All I want to do is play a match of FIFA. If I play the game, and I lose, fine, I have no problem with that, but if I don't even get a chance to play the game, stop screwing me over.


  • I know all about it mate, seems like the "no loss glitch" tbh.
  • ShadowofEnigma
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    I know all about it mate, seems like the "no loss glitch" tbh.

    The no loss glitch I can deal with. I found out when people kept pulling that crap on me, that you wait for 3-5 min, eventually the screen you're stuck at (it looks like the pause screen, scrolling through the field from different angles, all players frozen) eventually starts to move. So its still pause screen view, but the players on the field move, so I would try to find which player I could control (which is hard with those views), and keep playing the game until time ran out. I actually scored a goal this way against a guy who was trying to make me quit by pulling that glitch, and after I did that he ended up quitting instead lol.

    I'm just going insane from these quitters. I find it extremely ignorant on EA's part to not fix this. That EA allows people to abuse the game mechanics, and punishes both parties in the game, not just the person abusing the mechanics. And the punishment for the people abusing the mechanics aren't even that bad, I mean, who cares if you lose your after match gold, 700 gold or so? Not a big deal when if you plan on abusing this mechanic, can make it to the top of the leader board and get say 75-150k simply from abusing the way the game works. And really, who can blame them, EA allows it so people do it. EA needs to take some of that money they make from people buying packs, hire some new people to work on FIXING the game.

    Blah, Im so irritated with this game. I absolutely love FIFA when I can get a balanced match. I just played a game and had a great time, was difficult, but well balanced skill wise and neither of us were abusing the finesse kicks, glitching. But those games seem to become more and more rare now. Maybe one in ten.
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