New patch coming?

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Has anyone heard about it? Any leaks or updates from EA?
It`s been a month since they released the last patch and looks like there is 0 positive feedback on it from players.


  • greif44
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  • Zakury
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    There's a rumour that timed finesse shots will be nerfed but who knows
  • Supermario911
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    Yeah - it's called fifa 20 :)
  • Hausgaard
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    Haven't heard anything. Guess it's been quite a while since the last patch compared to the frequency of previous patches? Hope this means they're working on something "big", i.e. fixing key issues (e.g. AI defending or player switching), which takes a bit more testing.
  • Steelcitysniper
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    4 months in and this game is borderline beyond playable lol. Its a joke really. If anything its worse now than release. Its crazy man. Never seen anything like this before
  • BorussenBernie09
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    A colleague told me about a rumor from EA's Pro Discord. One Pro said during Twitch Stream, that EA is working on two major Patches...One is supposed to fix the shooting mechanics, the other Patch should fix AI Defending.

    Don't know if its true, but sounds like that what Corey said on his Twitter Account: "[...]Patch is coming before the End of January."
  • Phodri
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    The delay if biggest problem, for me.
  • Shaanxz
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    The latest patch is meant to fix the position swap bug as well
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