Is EA aware?

No future stars, no futmas players, no fit champs, no league sbcs. Even the little things that make the game better. Like the fact that only 2 players can celebrate together, the players card showing when you score, the realistic line ups, no web app, etc. EA just don't add them. So, are EA aware that were not just little kids who understand nothing, we are Nintendo fans who like football. We like playing a bit of pokemon or Mario or smash as well as fifa, there's a reason we buy the game on switch. I can't be the only one who is asked "Why do you buy fifa on the switch?" "Oh get fifa on Xbox it's **** on switch". I get it on switch because if I got an Xbox it would be the only game I played on it, I'm not rich. I like to play Nintendo as well as.


  • Pooter
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    If you think adding things like that would make the game better, believe me, it doesn't. Its a waste of effort
  • sdub51
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    FUT players on Switch have an overinflated sense of our value to EA. 95% of the people who own FIFA on Nintendo Switch do not play FUT. The fact that we have any version of FUT at all is a big surprise. It makes me mad too that we get 1/2 FUT content, but I long ago understood that FUT on Switch is a very very VERY low priority for EA.

    I imagine the 95% of FIFA-Switch owners are pretty happy with Kick Off and Career Mode.
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