Do you use 2nd man defend/press (R1-button)

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Trying to improve my game.
Always finish Gold2
Floating between div 4 and 5

Was wondering if the 'good' guys use this? Or does this just pull your players out of position ?


  • MHoney1234
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    Only at the right times. Never use near fullbacks or CBs unless last ditch. Will use when near the centre circle / 35/40 yards from goal
  • Very effective if you like to defend blocking passing lanes, you can control another player to anticipate where he will pass next while still making it hard for the player with the ball
  • freakjas
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    Nope not even once.
    Im just a gold 1 player so idk if you can improve a lot.
    I always tackle manually and try to anticipate passes and force passes.
    Have no fun using a cam or whatever to just walk through the game and let your al defend
  • RadioShaq
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    People will say they just hold the button all game long but I don’t see it working. When someone is holding the ball or just passing it around for possession then it’s worth using to close down lanes.
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