FUT Champions Punishments

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I'm just curious as to why I get punished when playing FUT Champions and the opponent blatantly quits. I get hit with a loss, I get one of my 30 games used up. Why is there nothing implemented to punish people who constantly quit. Would it be so hard to give someone say , 3-5 disconnects a month (or even a week), and then start punishing them and rewarding the other player? I understand 'crappy internet' can play a part, I mean hell, I'm on WIFI, but I get disconnected MAYBE 1 in 150-200 games.

If EA doesn't have the time to review games, why not create a peer review mode? Give people rewards / badges for reviewing matches that have been 'put up for review', which should include people who quit. So if someone quits right when someone is shooting against their goal keeper, then someone reviewing that can 'report' it. Create an algorithm that will judge matches after so many reviews/reports/judgements have been entered by viewers, and create a way for people to dispute it if they are wrongfully reported.

Seriously guys, it doesn't take a team of brilliant scientists to do this stuff. Yeah it might take a few weeks to implement, or even program and write, but it would greatly improve how enjoyable people find the game.
You guys can even occasionally ask players after a match 'Did you enjoy this game?', or 'Was this game enjoyable'? Yes, No, or Uneven skill levels.


Is any of this plausible? Is it a waste of time for me to be giving honest & potentially valuable feedback that could improve the game? If it's worth doing I'm happy giving feedback because I want to help improve the game. I know it's easy to have blind spots and have tunnel vision. Just figured I would ask.
Thank you for your time. Sorry if this is a bother to you.
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