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In a 4231 narrow formation, would zlatan or tevez be best playing cam, and could the other play as a lone striker?


  • Gaz41S
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    Ibra st all day long
  • TheRagingRightback
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    I start Zlatan as ST and bring on Tevez as a sub around the 70th minute.

    I play 4-2-3-1 and usually switch Zlatan to Cam and Tevez as ST.

    Zlatan just feels much smoother on the ball and obviously has much better passing. Although he is an absolute monster as a ST I think he's better suited as a CAM compared to Tevez.

    Also he's a huge presence in the middle of the field with his size and 99 strength.
  • SteGriff83
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    Since the new patch and the game change 110% for most players. Anyone got any input on this thread by any chance?
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    I have FB Ibra ST and Tevez CAM in 41212 (2). Ibra isn't agile enough for me at cam. I'm usiing maestro to boost Tevez's passing and dribbling.
  • 1337
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    Ibra ST.
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