So the 18.01.2018 announcement was just MORE FUT news. Glitches are STILL ruining the game

Excellent. During this week EA was hyping up news through Twitter, set to happen on the 18th. here was I naive enough hoping it could be finally a fix for a game-breaking game that was introduced and has been going on for FORTY FIVE DAYS but nooooo, it's more FUT related news! Here's an idea EA, for 2019 just remove the offline part altogether and call the game FUT 20, because you CLEARLY DON'T GIVE A TINY RAT'S ❤️❤️❤️❤️ about offline players, Career players and everyone who isn't depositing their wallets towards FUT MTs. I CANNOT BELIEVE THE GAME HAS BEEN UNPLAYABLE FOR 45 DAYS!!!! Is this even allowed, legally speaking?
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