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Please Refer to Your Div & Skill Level - Someone who is a beast in Div 5 may well be pushed around like a ragdoll by Prime Maldini in Div 1.

I'll kick off the discussion - My main concern is whether any of the FFS players are better than the TOTY/Icon Defenders. Atm I have Prime Maldini, TOTY Varane, 85 Rio and TOTY Ramos (Across 2 accounts).

For starters, are there FFS CBs better than the above?


Xbox - Floating between Div 1-3 / 2nd Account Div 5/6 (For rewards)
PS4 - Div 1


  • LordJameslondon
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  • Forca-Barca
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    Division 4
    Currently sitting at 12-7 in WL
    I only have Toty Messi. Play him at ST currently bc I have FUTmas Isco at CAM.
    It’s funny I sold Toty Messi and rebought night him 1 hour later lol both were fresh ones. Dumb I know. So in WL he has 19 games 38 goals. He’s won me games that I should have lost. He pushes players off bc of his balance and upgrades strength. Creates awesome chances for me. Haven’t used any other Toty player, but in my eyes Messi and mbappe are prolly the best upgrades and bang for your buck. I sometimes get the urge and want to sell just to try new players but I know I will regret. Also Toty bale has been amazing too.
  • LordJameslondon
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    I bought TOTY Messi and managed only one game with him so far, I run a management consultancy firm, so, getting time for FIFA is a challenge. He's been quite impressive, scored one goal but I'm not sure if he is worth 4.6m; need to play more games.

    What chem and position do you use for TOTY Messi?

    I have TOTY Mbappe on my other account and will try him out later tonight.
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