Broken passing in fifa 19 ? or how im can forced my players to correct passing ?

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So in past was not problem with passing but from some time im have huge numbers of not correct passes - Im chose in my controler left player pass in oposite site im try make high pass - player pass to the left and huge numbers of same errors happen very often.

What is reason of this mess ? Is - wrong set up in conntroler set up ? im have most passes set up like a assisted or after last update this is part of game ( sick ) player need high passing statistic to passes ball in corect way ?same like im in my controller or - What the hell im need do to forced my players to make same pass direction like im in my controller

Is not possible to play when your players not make same passes directions like im in my controller..

Any idea why this happen and how resolved this ? How this is possible if player put button pass left and player pass to the right
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