Future Stars not available on Switch?

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They're supposed to be out now, but there's no sign of them on the market, the Gomez SBC is not here, we don't get to chose one of 5 loan players like they've advertised on Twitter. So does this mean we're just missing out on this whole event completely? Even the players that are just available in packs anyway?


  • ZiaFC
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    It looks like they are not going to available to us over here on the switch, I am not surprised about the sbcs missing. I dont understand why they cannot give us the new cards in packs though. I mean is it really that much trouble to redesign and stat boost the cards and have them available in packs. I am also assuming that we will never get any sort of conformation that we will nit be included in the promo from ea at all either. I mean they can at least let us know that we will not be getting the promo.
  • Aaaand they're not in the concept players either...

    EA, what actually is the matter? Why is it that the Switch version of Ultimate Team looses out on SO MUCH content? I can understand some, like the Weekend League, there simply isn't enough players for that type of stuff. But all the league SBC's, all the other misc SBC's, all the 'player pick' things, the Swap Deals, the Weekly Objectives. There simply is not an excuse for those things to not be in this version. You're selling the game for the same price as other versions, but it barely has half the content. There should at least be a warning of sorts on the Switch version, just like PS3 and Xbox 360 FIFA's are called 'legacy edition' nowadays.

    Besides, the team behind FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch claimed the game was built on a 'custom-made engine'. How exactly do you expect us to believe that? It's quite clearly built from (and barely even touched upon) the legacy editions. There are so many small things that make this evident:
    The fact you can't move your player up and down the touchline when taking a throw-in.
    The fact that the game looks more or less the same as PS3/Xbox 360 FIFA's
    The fact that you haven't added new formations like in other versions, likely due to this just being a re-skin of FIFA for PS3/Xbox 360, so you don't have to even do anything to it before releasing the game as a 'custom-built' FIFA for Switch.

    The missing content is pathetic, but the promise of a 'custom-built engine', which likely is straight up false, should actually be enough to sue the company for false advertisement.

    Regardless of how much FIFA 20 improves (if they even bother), I'm done with FIFA from here on out. The service towards there customers was always terrible on other platforms as well (I know that seeing as I've played UT since it was first introduced as a paid add-on in FIFA09), but selling FIFA on the Switch as a brand new game tailor-made for the system when clearly it isn't, that's just pathetic.

    And before I go, just to shut down the argument of 'bleh, people don't play FIFA on the Switch anyway', that's not the case. FIFA 19 was, even with it releasing late on in the year, the 6th most played game on the Switch in Europe, only beaten by 5 of the most popular Switch titles. And yes, 6th place is quite high for a system that has sold as well as the Switch has, and a system that has such a high software attach rate as well. So no, consumer base isn't exactly the problem.

    You're so right, is there a way we can find out if EA have falsely advertised?

    I have bought and played a lot of FIFA the last2 years but simply will not buy the game next year if it's so lacking in content. Maybe with frostbite porting to switch it will improve? I'm certain there is potential for a healthy player base but with moves like this EA are going to kill it before it even gets started.
  • JensDragonrider
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    I'm seriously gonna look into it now. EA clearly don't care themselves, though like I mentioned, this is not exclusive to the Switch fanbase, but more so just in general, though their customer service has improved over the years.
    But yea, Frostbite would improve it (at least I hope so), and there is also evidence pointing towards it happening soon, but it's just too little too late for me.
    The director of FIFA 18 even said that the hardware wasn't the reason they didn't use Frostbite, but rather it was time constraints during development. You'd think that'd mean they'd add Frostbite in 19? That clearly wasn't the case though.
  • ZiaFC
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    I agree here the Switch was a new system, and is a RELEVANT system. EA had a great chance to sieze the day and earn customers from a 20 million plus user base and they have failed miserably. They too easily fell back into thier old days of how they approached nintendo systems. They had a chance to actually take a new fresh approach here and decided to go with what didnt work for them in the past. And it is not frostbite that is the problem. Things like daily, weekly objectives can be easily implemented without frostbite. Redesigning cards with upgrades and opening a tourney with one as a reward doesnt need frostbite. Creating a new game mode whether it be something new, or something they have implemented in past versions of FiFa like squad battles doesnt require frostbite.

    Another point that the devs have stated is that they "welcome competition" on the switch and I think that if anyone decides to take EA up on this offer and create a game with good gameplay, and focused on making the game replayable with game modes and features that promote competition between its user base and rewards the players. I think this game would crush fifa ea should be careful what they wish for because any game development firm will be able to see the weaknesses of fifa for switch, and if they had half a brain they could easily develop a much better title.
  • ZiaFC
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    I do honestly think this is the last FIFA we see on switch I guess all of ths copying and pasteing is just too much for them.
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    guys its time to give up and stop fussing about this game. assume everything between now and TOTS will be missing.

    just don't buy FIFA 20 and don't buy any fifa points in 19. that's the only recourse you have.
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