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Hello Guys,

i'm a part of Team managed by Friends, so is more social than Results Following. As we are in 6, when we play, happens that we have multiple issue with the PNG, but i'm gonna go deeper with the explanation.

Effect to See: PNG make wrong passages, and played very bad.

Playng multiple times with each one of the gamer, we know that the png is not playng well because a player is continuosly claim for the ball, every time and every moment. And all we know, but, when we said to him, he says no, he doesn't. What i'm asking, is there is any way to monitor with statistic, how many passage, how many shoot, how many "claim" he did on a match?

This will help us, in teach him, to play good way without claming for the ball, everytime.
Just to let you imagine what is happening, i'm on the middle of the fiels, and i saw the ball crossing from defenders to Attackers, everytime. Issue is that they lost the ball everytime, without creating a "play" as it should be.

Do you have any suggestion?


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    I've seen this AI behavior whenever we use a formation where there's no CAM. So you may review what formation you are using.
    Also if the PNG plays bad, rather than kicking him/her out of your team, you may just be patient and spent time teaching him/her to play better... if after this effort he/she won't learn/change... feel free to let him/her go.

    I also play in a club of friends, we used to be 5-6 all time, life happened and now we are down to 3 most of the time, we always try to teach how to play with us and we give a newbie a fair time to be in sync with us, if not is better to let them go.
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  • Thanks for your feedback, note that we spent lot of time, in all of the guys, telling him, explain him to not push everytime for the passage, but leave the png plays, however no, it continue to say that he does not press anything, whenever we have the cloud that 4 or 5 we see over his head, issue seems to be more that he cannot admit is fault, so this is why i asked if there are more deeply statistic to be examinated, in order to show him, that is currently pressing al lot. Like a report to see how many call of the ball he did during a match.

    Does this can be seen?
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    no that i am aware of, not even gives you those stats. So maybe you should make an executive decision and let him/her go for the sake of the team's sanity.
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