Players overall not going up

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So I’m in my player career mode and my players overall won’t go up. It’s been stuck at 84 even though I’m supposed to be at an 86 at this point. Come on EA, y’all can do better than this 🤦🏾‍♂️


  • Placebo_PRS
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    There's no "supposed" with potentials any more, a player may hit it, a player may go past it if they're played a lot and perform well etc. etc.
  • CJD
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    I’m talking about my player that I made, I was at 84 and the bar was full. Instead of going to 85 and went back to 84. it did that two times. That’s why am saying I’m supposed to be at 86 at this point
  • It's an effect of the infamous minus 1 bug.
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