A friendly tip for those struggling in WL

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This is my personal opinion, and not a stated fact, but I have come to believe that the WL matchmaking system is based on matching people with the same number of current wins, rather than base on a win/loss ratio. Given this, if you are struggling to move up the ranks in WL, you are better off playing your games later in the weekend rather than earlier. This is because if you have, say, 4, wins currently, you would rather be matched up against someone whose current record is 4-8 rather than someone that's 4-0. You will increase your odds of playing someone with the same or similar number of wins and more losses later on in the weekend rather than earlier.

Again, this is just my opinion on match-making, but it has been borne out through trial and error. I find that I have a better result if I weigh my games more heavily toward the end of the week. Take this however you like!


  • Forca-Barca
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    Never thought about it like this, interesting perspective
  • Tymsy83
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    Where as I always find the games work better on Friday and worse later in the week. It used to be the opposite but I think more people do this now which drains the servers on Sunday’s
  • is1996
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    Sad thing is that now this year we arent free to choose when to play .At times i feel like playing and have the chance to play the game is unplayable with button lag etc.I see your point but sometimes this crap is unplayable .So when i feel the gameplay being good i jist grind through as many games i possibly can
  • Chavez76
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    As of late (last WL's I played), my win ratio is far better on Friday evening (rest of the day I apperently need to be at work..) and Saturdays then on Sunday.
  • Fatmanc
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    I think games are easier on a sunday due to there being so many more people actually playing the game on that day.
    Then its all pure luck on who u get paired with, ive played some sundays and won 15 straight games, ive also played some sundays and lost 10 in a row.
  • El_Nino
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    While I guess you could argue that there lieing but I don’t see why EA would in this regard, they’ve confirmed it works on a points system, +1 for a win -1 for a loss and the game attempts to match you against someone with a similar ‘score’.

    On top of that personally I have the most success on fridays, but that’s just me
  • Tekover
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    Interesting perspective indeed but I'm not sure it really works that way.

    Last WL, I got a good win ratio on Friday, and I was very close to win more games. Satursday during the day was OK, late afternoon I've lost lot of games and indeed on Sunday it was better again ...

    Mystery !

    My best advice would be to take breaks and relax !
    I often play with a mate that has more or less the same level as me and it's very enjoyable and less stressful to swap the controller every game. Also your mate can focus on the team rather than the selected player, which is helpful to adjut tactics for close games !

    Good luck to all for this WL, hopefully the servers will be better than yesterday evening ... <3
    Most importantly, don't foget to have fun !
  • MelvinR95
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    From my personal experiences I disagree. I usually play 15 matches on friday and saturday and 15 on sunday. Normally I win about 4 out of 5 matches in the first half of my WL. The second half is far worse, where I only win about 1/3th of my matches and eventually end in G2.

    Bottomline I think it doesn't really make a difference. FIFA is just to unpredictable.
  • tetsu0jin
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    I prefer playing to stronger opponents not caring if i lose or not so that i can improve.
  • EricVanDerek
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    (For once) I believe EA: matchmaking is dependent on your net win ratio.
    But I think when you find it"easier" depends on how good you are.

    Early on in the game, you're more likely to be matched against anyone - as no-one will have those high net win (or net loss) ratios.
    So better players will find it easier (as they're more likely to play against weaker players), but worse players will find it harder (as they're more likely to play against stronger players)

    But later on in the weekend, you're more likely to play against similar rated players. So better players will find it harder (than early on in the weekend), whereas weaker players will find it relatively easy, as they will be matched against players more at their level.

    Obviously this ignores lag and connection issues.

    The other factor is that when there are less players online (late at night UK time, particularly on a Sunday) there are less players of your level to be matched against. So it's more like early on in the game
  • Blipper65
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    nice perspective mate. but no matter when i played most matches of wl - friday, Saturday or Sunday my results were pretty much the same.
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