Pre contract signings

Is it me or can you get unlimited players on pre contract because it doesn't get deducted from your wage budget. I got 15 players and didn't pay any wages? Anyone else notice this?


  • Placebo_PRS
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    It's always been taken out of my budget right away, maybe another bug they decided to add, they like doing that...
  • It's not for me and it's spoiling my game, I tried reinstalling the game, updating it, starting new games, nothing works
  • gavin2903
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    It's a glitch that's been around for years, as annoying as it is, least with this glitch we have the option to not exploit it and doesn't have any long term affect on game or ruining it. On the flip side, you can sign whoever you want on a freebie at end of season.

    I do beleive it dents your wage budget in the new season as that's when you start paying them so it's a double ended glitch, but i haven't expoited it this year so don't know if that still happens
  • As far as I can see, my next season budget isn't affected, I could continue not exploiting it but it just spoils it and should be sorted by now
  • Ace1234ny
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    First year I signed one player on precontract. I didn't have any money in my budget after that. And anytime I would try to approach another player, the game would tell me I didn't have enough funds. The second year, there weren't really any players I wanted to sign. I ended up just signing one guy at the very end of the season. Don't know if I could have signed more.
  • I just signed like 30 players on pre contract but I thought it was normal because I had so much money in the wage budget. I think I messed up a little bit because unfortunately I think the pre contract arrivals take roster spots so I cannot sign anyone out of the youth academy. It will say “release a senior team player” and I do so and it still wouldn’t let me sign them. And it sucks because that player is leaving and I cannot do anything to stop them. Also when I went and tried to sign Tammy Abraham, it worked but when I checked everything squad, it wiped out all the my newly promoted youth players in the senior squad.
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