would the FUTURE STAR Phil Foden only be available in silver packs?

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Any ideas?


  • JorisDB
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    I believe you can pack silver IF’s in gold packs as well, so no I would reckon he would packable in both gold and silver packs, assuming they release a card that’s in packs and not through sbcs.
  • passpassshootpost
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    Plus gold packs cost more coins\\FP. More moneyies
  • Eroberto
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    My guess would be that each card starts with their 1st increase which is 3 points and I think and that puts foden at 76 so he should be on gold packs. I doubt they would make people buy silver packs cause EA charges more for gold packs and makes more money off gold packs
  • Eroberto
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    I wonder if he will stay a 3 star/3 star
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