FUTMAS SBC Players - What do you think?

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So I really enjoyed the run up to Christmas with the daily Futmas player SBCs (but lets forget about the promo after that) I did more than I intended and some players I've really liked, some I haven't. some thoughts on the players I did, share your experiences with the players you've done!

Firmino Firmly in my main team, really enjoyed using his base card and his SBC wasn't too expensive (especially when compared to his recent IF) glad i did him, no regrets

Thiago Silva Again made my main team, originally planned to be used alongside FUTSwap Kurzawa, but he didn't like him, so chem is provided by Buffon, RTTF Luis and Fabinho, some regret as I'd probably do the POTM VVD if i didn't have him, decent player though

Torreira doesn't really fit anywhere, didn't like him as a CDM, box to box seems his best role but there are better options in the prem, maybe a ratings refresh can spice him up a bit, regrets, even though he was cheap

Subasic very cheap 85 rated who will probably end up in a sbc, no regrets doing him, may use him once Naldo gets xferred to Monaco in game

Arias solid RB, but I have untradeable Aurier, Futswap Da Costa, SBC Dumfries and TOTYN Vralsjko, regrets but i don't think he was too expensive, seen people think he's great but don't share that opinion, maybe he'll get a ratings refresh?

Bruma Bundes team is my 2nd/fitness/SB/messing around team and I did a few of the futmas players despite some being expensive, Bruma playing at CAM in 433(4) is without a doubt my favourite, great pace, decent stamina, great dribbling and he seems to score plenty, no regrets

Akanji very expensive but also very good, only his pace is exceptional but he manages to be a fairly well rounded CB, not exactly weak or small, some regrets due to the cost and the likelihood he'll get replaced in my team

Saracchi he's ok, but Alaba is better all round, regrets

Zakaria I wouldn't have done him if both Delaney and Witsel had IFs at the time, regrets as his shooting his awful, which i knew when i got him, but still regrets

Lukaku I've actually used him a lot (mainly in getting Vrsaljko) but he has done a great job at LB on 7 chem, still some regrets as his stamina lets the card down somewhat for a wingback which i would mostly want to use him as

Van Aanholt even though he was cheap, regrets as I have multiple LBs (several untradeable) who I would rather use, would maybe have used him more if i'd done VVD POTM


  • DadBod
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    There’s only one futmas card worth mentioning and that’s:

    Futmas matuidi
  • AFC_95
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    I did two. Torreira is amazing at CDM and CM. And Matuidi, this guy is just insane.
  • MayJ44
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    Some I’ve used more than other but of what I’ve used then I’d give the following summaries:

    Arias: Like the OP he looked cheap for the upgrades he got and looked like he’d be a good solid fullback but since then we’ve had an abundance of better RB become available and he’s never been a standout for me.

    Van Aanholt: Slight regret, did his SBC because it was cheap and a possibility if I did a Prem team/hybrid but just hasn’t shown the sort of form other Prem fullbacks did.

    Lukaku: Absolutely ecstatic with the performances coming from this guy. Not a starter but bring him off the bench and he shows so much versatility. Need him to do a job at either FB. Slots right in, want to close down the game then chuck him CDM and he’ll boss it with his pace and strength. Been hugely impressed.

    Kovacic: Hit and miss, can be a spectactor in some matches but can absolutely run the show in others, not a defensive powerhouse but his dribbling and passing abilities can really help the midfield tick over.

    Cazorla: By some distance my absolute favourite, basically a free card coins wise. You can start him from the off and he’ll run the show with his passing, dribbling, skill moves and weak foot, but only for the first 60 minutes or so. Sub him on and it’s more of the same, absolutely class player and such a fun card to use.
  • Riggs006
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    Did quite a few of the cheap ones but only use 3 regularly.

    Torreira is a solid player plus he was cheap so was definitely worth it, played him at CM and he has been good, think his finishing close range does let him down a bit though.

    Matuidi has been great at CDM for me, great all round player so don't see myself replacing him anytime soon!

    Gomez I was reluctant to do at first but he's been really good at CAM for me, really agile, good finisher with either foot and contributes to a lot of goals so was worth it I think.
  • Stevo_CT
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    I did 3 only:-

    Torreira - absolute monster for me at CDM with powerhouse, one of my favourite players to use, just hit 100 games with him.
    van Aanholt - very average, but does possess amazing jumping and heading abilities, feels slow
    Khedeira - using as a CM, pretty decent but nothing special like Torreira, good in some games, missing in others.

  • Mic2904
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    I only did KDB and he is not leaving my team anytime soon!
  • Dazzler179
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    Did Firmino, Coutinho and Khedira.

    Coutinho is firmly in my team, really like him. Smooth dribbling, just the right pace and passing /shooting are both good.

    Firmino I’ve found average, although I play him CM which is probably not his best position. Will use him as a sub once I replace him with IF Fernandinho.

    Khedira was okay, solid CDM but I changed formation and team so he didn’t fit in. Used him in the TOTY Nominee David Silva SBC.
  • HelloDearie
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    Did Thiago Silva (have FB Alves, and had an untradeable Normal Thiago Silva card, so was a no brainer) and happy with him. Will stay in my team for the foreseeable.

    Also did Subasic, but he has since gone into the FB Casillas SBC.
  • Idek
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    Saracchi, Akanji and Valencia all been used for about 150 games so far, Matuidi sits on on the bench

    Arias, Torreira and Zakaria have pretty much never been used
  • Hausgaard
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    Did Firmino, Torreira and Khedira. Played quite a lot with Firmino, however was used as CDM partnering Kante. Have since gotten Prime Keane instead of Firmino.

    However, I submitted both Firmino and Khedira into the POTM VVD SBCs. I quite regret doing that now tbh, would have liked Firmino to have stayed in the club. Should just have bought some random 88 instead...
  • Ch1cha
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    I have only done Torreira and used him alot but he's difficult to get in a team with different leagues. I don't regret it as he wasn't too expensive and I have put him to good use. But it would be nice if Arsenal get some good IF players around him other then Aubameyang
  • D0lvl
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    Futmas KDB, Bruma, Matuidi, Valencia, and Lukaku are my favorite.

    Kinda disappointed with Firmino one.

    I regret not doing Boateng, Gomez, and Akanji.
  • QceCapo
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    Bruma is my super sub for my mid field....he just flies everywhere.
  • tezmacfifa
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    Matuidi has been incredible for me, his standard card is already good so that wasn't a surprise tbh.
  • Theomanny
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    My son is on fire as a striker. I love shooting with his left foot lol.
  • ArsleWenger
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    Only did Boateng. Hes is a brick wall for me
  • MagicMaestro
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    Bailey has been fantastic for me, quick, skilful and has a lethal left foot. Also amazing in the air and is surprising strong shoulder to shoulder with most fullbacks even though his strength rating is pretty low. Really enjoying using him at the moment.
  • Empyrium7
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    did 3
    Gomez: 9.5/10 ( hes is amazing and his dribbling is unreal
    Callejon: 7.5/10 (a sub for SIF Suso) his positioning is great
    Matuidi: 4/10 always out of position
  • ILevis
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    edited January 2019
    Didnt do as many / not the most expensive ones but here is what i think of them

    Thiago Silva is great, i always loved to use Thiago Silva in previous FIFAs so i did the SBC mostly for nostalgic reasons. But im playing him together with RTTF Kimpembe and Buffon and they are great. Will probably stay in my team for a long time, because lets be honest, you always need PSG players with how good Neymar and Mbappe are

    Arias is pretty decent, not the best fullback i have used in this game but does the job. Did him because he was super cheap and still arguably the best RB in La Liga (apart from FB Juanfran). Using him atm because of his strong link with Griezman, will probably replace him as soon as i can afford to buy Messi instead of Griezman and wont need his strong link anymore

    Zakaria was pretty much a waste. I already had FUTSWAP Guilavogui and he felt basically exactly the same, however Guilavogui is french and offers better links outside of pure Bundesliga teams, so Zakaria landed back on the bench when i bough Mbappe. Probably wont use him except for when i decide to build a untradeable Bundesliga side with Robbery someday

    I really regret not doing Matuidi. He somehow manages to end up in almost all of the teams i build and that 87 would have been great :/
  • QceCapo
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    Zakaria does work as a defensive sub for me as well. Just don't expect any goals from him....my guy misses way too many shots
  • nj10
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    Matuidi is sensational.

    Best defensive mid I’ve had all game
  • rachmaninoff
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    My Matuidi is the man out of all futmas I've done and he's cheap too. Great I don't have to do that lame overpriced Premier League sbc ;)

    Also Torreira is better than icon card like Rui Costa or Keane goat.
  • ILevis wrote: »
    I really regret not doing Matuidi....
    that 87 would have been great :/

  • azza452
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    Surprised people skipped Coutinho or Matuidi, both completed for around 100k each

    One thing I regret skipping is FB Alves
  • opasni_
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    Matuidi - I did this one only because his NIF is argueably TOP 3 non icon CDM's in game and he is not likely to get IF which will surpass his christmas card. I usw him in my main team and have no intention on switching him. He costed me abouy 80k.

    Gomez - He is always in my starter team like last 5 FUT's. Every year he is beastly and cheap for first month. I decided togo for futmas because Iadore the guy and card looked nice. I do regret now because his IF was wuickly released with almost same stats. 70k down the drain.
  • IncredibleK
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    Rashford, gets rotated with 87 Anderson, hes been good, pacey with good finishing. Got Valencia at RB, hes bang average
  • freakjas
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    Agree on Akanji.
    Really really solid Centre back that’s also really good on the ball.
    Expensive but worth it.

    Zakaria I only used like 5 times, solid.

    Matuidi was expensive but really worth it. His nif was one of my fav cdms on the game so it was a no brainer for me.

    Last one I got is Coutinho who quickly turned to one of my favorite cards on the game. Amazing cam.
  • oneskyworld
    2398 posts Fans' Favourite
    Did four cheap ones, torreira lukaku and aries, aanholt. Use them all, I have four rotating squads
    lukaku is definitely the best even with 7 chem as LB. Aanholt and torreira are both solid. Aries doesn't really have much presence on the filed, but did do a solid job for me. So no regrets.
  • cartyHUNTER
    1421 posts Professional
    I only did Boateng. He is rock solid.
    121 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    azza452 wrote: »
    Surprised people skipped Coutinho or Matuidi, both completed for around 100k each

    One thing I regret skipping is FB Alves

    Matuidi is a beast. Trust me you are lucky you skipped Alves, nothing compared to his totys from last years. Always out of position and weak. Glad I bought lala. On the other side van aanholt is the most surprising card I used this year for left backs. His jumping is immense , feels better than this year Alex sandro imo.

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