"Quality of life" improvements

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edited January 2019
Just for a moment, let's forget about finesse shots, interceptions, hitting the post and button delay. What non-gameplay changes would you like to see?

For example, I think club browsing needs improvement: there should be options to search by sub-types, like common, rare, UCL, scream, etc.; or by rating.

And another thing, there's just too many pre-game and post-game menus and screens, some of them can easily be combined. The DR post-game animations are totally unnecessary, in my opinion, I doubt anyone is interested in looking at numbers adding up and bars filling up. Just show a brief overview and move on.

What else?


  • JURITO1000
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    Omg dont speak about rivals postscreens.....i just simply cant understand why it is not skipable. It cant Be so difficult to add one button shortcut.
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