1x1 situations

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How do you guys finish when facing a 1x1 situation? When i face the gk in my front i easily green finesse. But when i come from a diagonal way im struggling to score, tried power timed shot on the oposite side, low driven and finesse near post. What do you guys think its most effective?


  • RebelRob
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    Normally finesse near post with only a little power to keep it low, but if it’s Raul I’ll go 2 1/2 bars as he usually finds the top corner.

    Sometimes will try low driven either side of the keeper as well if I he keepers having a super human game, and if he rushes out quickly will sometimes chip him as well.
  • Monsta
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    Angle my player to look like I'm hitting a finesse & then try and hit a perfect timed power shot near post. Whether faking the finesse makes my opponent move his GK or not, it still usually results in a goal if it's perfect timed.
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