Toty Modric - is he worth it?

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Please, if anyone tried him, give some reviews.

Bought him yesterday but I cannot try him yet, and I am so curious is as good in game as his stats suggest.


  • Muzza11
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    For me he is amazing, He has everything, maybe his heading lets him down but this card has everything. His pace feels rapid, he intercepts everything, I have TOTY Neymar and he dribbles very similar to him, his shot is insane and breaks the net every shot.

    Also has a 10/10 headband.

    I love him but Kante is better for me.
  • Js734
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    I think yes as CAM if he’s your main man. No in CM as there’s no substitute for height and in-game build.

    He’s a lot of fun, however.
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