Do you feel any difference while using players on 7 chemistry?



  • Paciga45
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    I don’t really notice very much difference on attackers/mids.... but when I’ve played any of my defenders on 8chem I can definitely feel a difference in their AI positioning and their stand tackles at times .

    You felt a difference in the stand tackle of a CB on 8 chem?

    Let’s be honest, unless you recorded, rewatched, and broke down the gameplay, this is utter nonsense.
  • BrentfordFC
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    Keano wrote: »
    Muzza11 wrote: »
    Keano wrote: »
    Muzza11 wrote: »
    I have OCD, if a player is off Chem I hate it. Even 9 Chem makes me annoyed at times.

    Live a little :kiss:

    Get in a party with him, you'll soon realise :trollface:

    I prefer to enjoy my parties :trollface:

    This is why I’m not in a party with @Keano now :trollface:

    I don't do parties anymore ;) The group disbanded & now just troll each other occasionally in threads.

    It’s cos they don’t like you Tbf :trollface:
  • DonovanFan
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    I don't feel any difference if a player is on 1, 2, or 10.

    Are you dead drunk when u play? That’s absurd
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