FIFA Streamers



  • EnCubierto
    4 posts Ball Boy
    Friends I need help.
    What happens is that I am new to the game of fifa 19 and I was playing as technical director and I wanted to sign Iker casillas and made the deal with the coach of the team that is but when it comes to making the salary agreement he tells me that it was too little for him
    My question is if I can re-sign it and there will be no problem
  • Richie827
    385 posts Sunday League Hero
    FUT streamers rather not.😂
  • lar9abl
    63 posts Park Captain
    @EA_Andy Can you do the same for Pro Clubs by suggesting streamers? FUT already has tons of youtubers but we need some for Pro Clubs like JCC
  • ASlowPotato
    799 posts Semi-Pro
    Guys, I am live now in a 24 hour stream! Just started. Playing some FIFA to begin with!
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