Fullmanual players / friends / own community

Hi all,

Do you know where i could find community where is fullmanual players ? If you have a group or something could you please add me? And also if you like to play with fullmanual controlls you can ad me and play with me.


  • Neil_LUAFC
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    PS4 ?
  • yup ps4
  • Tooner9
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    Al be honest its hard enough passing ect with assisted with button or server lag let alone on manual so to me it's no less real which u have it on it will always be a cpu game with ppl abusing the mechanics of the game, I YouTubed the fifa 19 pro final and it was a little embarrassing for fifa as a game and the pros tbh, fake 1st time timed finesse finishes from 35+ yards, doing 5 or 6 skill moves with a player just so defenders react like headless chickens! Especially when fifa trying to claim they want to make the game realistic
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