Looking into cdm options

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I searched through different options and I think Roy Keane is my choice as stay back cdm.
His sbc pretty cheap(hope for pack luck)
Med/High WR perfect for sb cdm
He is not clunky(hate that in fab)
Nice passing
Will use him in another sbc if something better pop ups


  • KinggHuss
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    Keane is perfect, Makelele is better.
  • Dutch3723
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    I really really didn’t rate Keane - he was useless for me and went into the best sbc. Look at a few reviews before you throw players and coins at it, wish I’d done that first!
  • Miklelin
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    Yep makelele looks great for cdm. But I'm missing 250k for him
  • Chavez76
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    Feel like a lot is riding on how you play and what you value.
    I play with 88 Keane and I love him as CDM.
  • raul7kiev
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    For me loan prime Kean was absolutly no better the NIF Rabiot. And Prime Makelele from another planet.
  • kokom87
    30 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Keane is good, but Makelele is better, keane is more complete , but if u want an icon version of Kante then Makelele is your men.

    Or you can use Kanté, and it depends on your squad
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