Third tv broken. The way they run Fifa is too much.



  • L4MP5
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    madwullie wrote: »
    This isn't EA's fault mate

    It is
  • WryLucky
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    L4MP5 wrote: »
    madwullie wrote: »
    This isn't EA's fault mate

    It is

    I suppose EA possessed him and made him break the TV? Three times?
  • Chet
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    My missus would chop my bollocks off

    Same here
  • Kloral
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    My friend, please seek professional support. This behaviour is not normal over something inconsequential as a video game.
  • I SiR MartY I
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    Biabia wrote: »
    I just cracked the third tv. And I regretted it everytime I did that. We all, especially I love Fifa gaming since I was 12. But the way EA run it, it seems it’s getting worse and worse every year. Their so called creative idea AI defending and time finishing is already annoying too much already. Too many stupid errors make by players in game. Especially goal keeper. EA come on. Fix your game. Fix your code. I did break the TV’s and controllers yes but EA caused it.

    [ i m g ] [ / i m g ]

    No, they didn't. That logic is like punching your missus in the face and blaming her for it, you chose to react that way, you chose to let a video game get the better of you. Go see a doctor, get some help for your anger problems and play other games that aren't going to make you smash something. Games are supposed to be fun, FIFA isn't fun, its dire, its frustrating, it makes you feel robbed every single game but in no way should it make you want to smash something.

    Since its your 3rd tv, you're probably alright money wise, so go buy a PS4 if you don't already, get God of War, Detroit, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and many of the other top quality single player games and try to enjoy gaming for a while before you do damage you can't fix by throwing money at it.

    That type of anger isn't healthy.
  • MarkMCFC
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    typical Liverpool fan always the victim grow up or stop playing.
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    3 TVs fam... Mad ting
  • BladesManSUFC
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    I’ve only smashed a TV once because of Fifa back in 17.... And that was a spare TV which I knew wasn’t so important... Not a chance I’d get mad enough to think about smashing our main TV which cost a fortune
  • mdizzl3
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    limjitwe wrote: »
    mdizzl3 wrote: »
    Go and see your GP.

    GP is not enough unless it’s for his bloodied fist. Lol

    It's a stepping stone for referral to mental health practitioners. I'd suggest he puts his bloodied fist in a bucket of salt and vinegar as a reminder of how silly it was
  • OZero
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    I always remind me instead of breaking something how about use that money to buy stuff you like.
  • NeverLucky
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    Should have bought fifa points for the money instead, then you would have a god squad. And I give you a free advice: no TV in this World can ensure that you play fifa competive. If you want competive play buy a gaming monitor (
  • Roc_Xel
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    Broke 3 controllers during WL this Fifa, had never broken anything when gaming before.
  • alex1987
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    I broke a few controllers as well. Accidentally broke my tv few years back when i threw my controller on the bed and it bounced right into the tv :lol:
    I fixed things by putting a pillow next to me which I regularly punch.
  • Futfanatic
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    Lot's of people with problems in here, I hope you don't have a family because this is unhealthy.
  • Riftydogg1
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    I think you all need to get a grip. It's a game not life or death
  • alex1987
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    Futfanatic wrote: »
    Lot's of people with problems in here, I hope you don't have a family because this is unhealthy.

    Kind of a weird thing to "hope" but i get where you're coming from
  • KingBarca
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    L4MP5 wrote: »
    madwullie wrote: »
    This isn't EA's fault mate

    It is

    It isn't

    It isn't EAs fault someone takes his MEANINGLESS Silver 1 WL or his Division 5 Games so serious that he starts destroying things.
    There is a 17 year old kid called Tekkz that doesn't even react really if he is down in a Final playing for a lot of money.
    In the SAME game this special guy starts going crazy and destroys TVs because he can't accept he isn't good enough.

    The same way that EA isn't sitting next to you forcing you to buy packs.

    He clearly has mental problems and if hes already going crazy about meaningless stuff like Fifa i don't want to see what he is doing when something serious happens.
    Probably hits women or so in Real Life.
  • KinggHuss
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    only broke a controller once and it was for squad battles :# absolute nonsense that game mode
  • delpieroalex
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    Seeing the amount of people breaking tv and controller make me feel saint for the endless vulgarities when ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hit me
  • Moe_86
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    Once you stop buying FP , believe me you will going to stop ragging. Happened to me
  • FCBlunt
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    When you lack any kind of self control and blame it on the game.

    You’re just dumb, mate.
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    Anger managment
  • BeastlyHusla
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    EA aren't at fault here, its your rage. Get that ❤️❤️❤️❤️ sorted before you complain its EAs fault.
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    Given there's already a number of insults in this thread and it looks to be the way the thread is going I'm going to lock it.
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