The lack of League SBCs on the Nintendo Switch

Good evening FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch Developers, I am currently facing a conflict regarding the Switch platform. My inquiry is why are League SBCs unavailable. When entering Fifa Ultimate Team, in the main hub, it appears that the League SBCs for English Premier League and Erevdise are available, yet when I enter the SBC tab, it is non-existent. Please clarify this issue to me.



  • ZiaFC
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    They aren't doing league SBC for switch, because apparently your system needs to be able to run frostbite to recieve the player pick reward for the group completion. It's just a kindly remindee that we suck and everyone else has access to more packs than we can ever imagine.
  • Gingerboaby83
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    Think it’s to do with player picks as well. We don’t have them on switch and I think you pick the player you want. Ea never told us this though but that’s my guess
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    They have a very small team for FUT on Switch. It's sad, because I really like the gameplay of our engine.
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  • Gingerboaby83
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    Your spot on with that. Gameplay is horrible o Xbox and ps4
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