Is there much difference between ucl manolas and if manolas?

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  • Westhead94
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  • ZizioGardo
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    Just go to Futbin or Futhead and compare the stats yourself..

    The difference is +1 passing, +1 shooting and +1 dribbling on the IF.
    So just go with the UCL version. It's much cheaper.

    Edit: But overall the UCL and IF versions are barely an upgrade for the NIF.
    I'd just go with the NIF.
  • Salpi14
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    I've owned both. The IF feels a tiny bit more solid. Seems to have better positioning and more of my tackles are successful. (I control my CBs when I defend). It could be just a placebo effect, but to me the difference was worth it.

    Edit: that +1 shooting has not led to any more goals in case anyone was wondering :p
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