Won 4 drafts in a row..

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Have 4k less than when I started. :| How is your pack luck with draft this year?


  • Paquetesousa
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    Amazing...Lost on the final yesterday and got a premium gold players pack and a gold players pack... Pack worth : more than 15k. Pack actual value: not even worth the grind
  • sheffutd87
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    Got CR7 and Aguero in the same one during week 2. So I can’t ever complain.
  • RandomLhama83
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    awful.. it’s like ea is sayin to us “ be glad you got to use a few icons you peasants” ... this company really hates its community.. it’s quite sad
  • Zhyquron
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    I always like draft because I can try multiple players I don't have in my team. But the rewards needs to be fixed. I have won 130+ drafts and only mentionable pull is Kante, which I don't even know if it was from WL rewards or draft.
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