Anyone using Prime Rui Costa?

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I played last year close to 1000 games with him. How is he this year?

He was hot and cold last year, like he shines few games then disappears. But generally I paid about 300k for him at the start of FIFA 18 and I think it was worth it.

This year I'm aiming at first Icon and could use him as CAM and in future buy CR7 to pair those two. I could build him for about 300-400k.

Anyone used him?


  • johnlaker62
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    Don’t do him for use. I’ve used him 15 games only because I’m waiting or an Icon SBC to submit him into. There are better icons
  • cartyHUNTER
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    I got him for about 180k after doing the upgrade packs. Used him for five games at cam. I put a deadeye chem on him to boost his shooting.

    I find him to be fairly good. He pops up with the goals - I have 7 in 5 with him in rivals. He does his share of work chasing the ball too. I have to say the thing that lets him down the most is his passing. I don’t find it as good as it should be. I don’t know if it is because I am playing against high pressure a lot so the angles are getting cut out or if he just isn’t that good.

    Glad I did him for the price overall, but I would put him in an sbc for an icon I really want in a heartbeat.
  • BombSquadPuppy
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    I used him as cm/cam/cdm and he constantly dissapeared, wasnt noticeable or either lost challenges with low ranked players, balance seems way lower for a midfielder... i recently moved him to st though and he puts in work now
  • opasni_
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    Some mixed signals, keep em coming guys :)

    Thanks for comments so far!
  • Invincibility
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    Crafted him he's bad can't wait to fodder him for Prime Gullit or Cruyff
  • Gunnercp
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    I did him purely to put into another icon. I did play a few games with before though. He was ok. Not worth 600k or whatever he is though.
  • JURITO1000
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    For mé he is the Best from Keane,campbell,Costa trio far...he Win a lot of balls, he is strong and he scores/assist
  • MUFC_420
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    I used him last put into the Best SBC :D
  • Mrhey31
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    Did him just to put into other SBC but he is just killing it for me at cam. Always there to finish the goal as a number 10.
  • Wikypedia
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    He’s decent but there are plenty of better players out there. There are even better non icons players than him.
  • Mdx
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    Yeah he gets a lot of hate but i never understand why? Unless people play the best cards down.

    I use him in cam hes always banging in goals with either foot. His shot is the same as aubameyangs for me. Nice powerful finesses and love his free kicks, cant score them with anyone else.
    His passing is great and i find hes always running at the ball and intercepting.
    Perfect cm really.

    I packed 93 hazard and swapped him out and couldnt get on. i prefer costa.
  • Amdp9
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    Played his loan very inconsistent
  • Colzy
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    Really good for me, wide left cam in 4222 also to link to CR7
  • Had him for three days and then put him into figo. No regrets
  • Awful icon, straight into rivaldo
  • JamesH
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    Seriously Awful. Avoid. His only good for sbc.
  • D0lvl
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    He's ok. I did his loan so he can eventually be sacrificed to another prime icon sbc. I am going to do Keane next so hopefully the next big prime requiring 2 icons, I'll be ready.

    Back to Rui Costa, he isn't bad. He was my CAM before Futmas KDB. He did decent. He is a great Free Kick taker though and was using him over others on my team (cr7, POTM Hazard). His finesse shot is decent. He isn't easily pushed off the ball.

    Like what others said, he is just icon sbc fodder at some point.
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