4231(1) how’s does it play in game

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My predicament at the moment is trying to fit SBC Ibra, Tots Martinez and fb Tevez in the same team.

I’m a possession player, normally play a version of 433 4231 wide or 442. I like to cross, switch side to side and looking for openings. I have timed finesse turned off and rarely shot from distance. My goals come from working it wide and either crossing or skill move and shot or pullback .
Would 4231 narrow suit this style. Tevez could probably play cm in 433 but he’s not suited to play winger so changing to my normal formations isn’t possible to get all3 in. He be playing wide cam in this formation with Ibra central and Martinez upto. I’d have 1.7m left for other wide cam and cdm. Will be icons

I have used 4231 if other years but avoided it this year as I don’t like to be a sheep and like to go against the grain. When I used it previously I used the fullback to bomb on and join attack while keeping the cdms back to form a square block to protect me against the counter.


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    I find it way too rushed and sweaty.

    I play on possession and it feels like it's on fast build up counter attack every possession.
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