Vrsalko review?

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Who’s tried him, just finished the sbc and out of time. Where do you rank him amongst RBs.


  • Xguti002
    2020 posts Fans' Favourite
    Only used his gold card but with a shadow on the sbc one he should be solid as a rock. Good jumping and strength will be a guarantee in winning aerial balls vs top aerial threats.
  • Estaban
    1174 posts Professional
    Got Carvajal and Lala but I would be excited to ship them off to free up coins later.

    Had his SIF I think for a while last year was pretty good but I think was high high.
  • Sandell85
    7619 posts League Winner
    Ive used him for 15 games with a anchor and so far no problems catching up players. He stays back if you chose that, and is great going forward aswell with quality crossing 👍🏻
  • Ishibum
    14435 posts Has That Special Something
    Done the card for when I do a Serie A team down the road (currently have Florenzi RB in a hybrid but needed to give Manolas chem).

    Curious to hear opinions myself
  • Gripbrah
    530 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Great supersub at CDM for me
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