how do you fix formation glitch in game

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how do you fix your formation in game to make your players play in the right place. i have my team set on 433 for chem but when i switch formations it says on the team sheet that my players are in the right position but when i finished playing my bakayoko playing Lam my kevin de bruyne playing cdm fernadinho at striker what is going on with this game .


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    I made a sub once and it fixed it.
  • Swagster123
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    I made a sub once and it fixed it.

    i have super subs i cant do that or use my last player
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    I pause the game and start then switch to balance and then to my ultradefensive thay is 4231
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    sonnyfilth wrote: »
    Not 100% sure if this fixes it, but I noticed when this changed it has never happened again for me

    With the formation you build your team in, and the formation you swap to at kickoff, make them have the SAME defensive style and offensive style

    Like, in the tactics screen, the things that say, balanced, pressure on heavy touch, constant pressure, fast build up, etc

    If they match, I THINK it stops the bug

    thank you bro
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