86 Kongdobia

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Afternoon chaps

Talk to me 86 Kongdobia ? Hefty price tag. Is he worth the coins ? Or do I keep saving for Mid Petit/ Blanc. I’ve currently got 400 K but after rewards Thursday could definilty afford him. His stats look unreal .
Yes or No ? Game changer ?


  • lewspaz
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    Check his in game stats against his 82, they are not worthy of a plus 4 overall rating boost at all.

    Most stats have been boosted by 3-5 which I think is rubbish considering That most informs will get that boost from say an 82 to an 84 IF.
  • GLAN12
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    No then ? I think the price should be more around 250 K . It’s just because he fits the “ META “. Might wait for Petit you know
  • FCBlunt
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    His card is insane, if you slapped an artist chem on that he would perfect.

    The only problem is his price tag of 500k, he belongs closer to 300-400k. Just goes to show how OP he is.

    If you got that kinda money, you could save for an icon instead tho.
  • Joaopauloted
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    He's good, but not a huge upgrade over his 82 IMO. I've used the gold for about 100 games and the 86 for ~50. Sold the 86 yesterday.
  • ILevis
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    He is great, performs so much better than his rating aswell

    He might be expensive but his stats are icon level tbh. Compare him to 88 Petit and tell me he is not worth the money. Kondogbia has better stats and is 3 cm taller. He is the best non-icon CDM in the game next to Kante and even better than some icons
  • GLAN12
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    Right , cheers guys . I kinda feel like I’m gonna keep going to the 1 Mill Mark . And not put the coins into the 86 Kongdog . Probly should have mentioned I currently play the 83 blue version . Just wondered if the price tag was worth it
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