I need help with chemistry / formation before min 1

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Hi guys,

Can anyone help me with the team formation in order to get better Chem?

I had such an amazing luck yesterday and today packing base Cruyff tradable (already sold) neymar toty untradeable and I have just packed toty Messi tradrable. I would love to fit him in my team but couldn't get a nice Chem in my squad.

This is what I'm playing right now https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/4105421

After minute 1 I play 4231 with kdb as a ccam for Douglas.

I'd love to put Messi as a ccam and I was wondering if there is any way to get him into the starting eleven.

Aside from that, would you sell Messi and get gullit? I had prime gullit last year and was phenomenal but since I packed Messi and is magnificent, it's a shame to sell him haha.

Let me know your comments / advices.



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