If I Can Get Vrsaljko... Anyone Can!

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Don't give up. I'm not a good player (div 6) only play WL rarely and never finish all of my matches. I just finished the Cornerstone SBC, I set my sights on it as I've used his base card in over 250 cards this year.

I quit any game I went 1-0 down to give other player cheap wins (I got 2 people quit at 1-0 down) 2-0 seems to be the breakpoint for most players, most quit if they go 2-0 down.

be prepared to face Immobile, Mertens, Naingollan, SMS, Manolas match after match, I even faced several CR7s (including one loan) average team I faced was 85/86, highest was a 88 and I faced one sub 80 team. Mertens rainbow flicking to a weak foot finesse volley into the top corner will likely cause me PTSD, he is ridiculous in the hands of a decent player, in mine, not so much

My team was pretty basic aside from untradeables (SBC Skriniar, UCL Naingollan, FUTMAS Lukaku, OTW Verdi) Allan was a warrior, IF Balde Keita playing as a striker got most of the goals, Donnarumma saved plenty of shots

I had 1 bar of lag games that played better than 5 bars, I had kids screaming into the headset (can't mute on Origin, and i generally like listening if others have their mic on anyway)

I had losing streaks where it looked like the goal was impossible and I had streaks where I played well but couldn't finish matches off.

I faced ultra aggressive defending, bus parking, over the top through ball spamming, dank celebrations, replay watching, no cutscene skipping...

But regardless of all that I managed to win 12 matches, so if I can, anyone can, take confidence in that and push on to do it!


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