Marzec Out Of Retirement?

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    Welcome! Dzien dobry! As new board to this club in peril, we need to take some emergency measures to get this club healthy again within a year and a half. I hope I can count on your support. I shall soon present the situation with some proposals for you to consider.
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    @subpop @Stlducks @WestardLord @DB1512 @JoshDFC @Wyojasond

    It's January 2019. Have a look at the following graph:
    The club will be saved, if by the turn of June to July 2020 the club's worth surpasses € 20,000,000,-


    At the current pace, we will not make it as under current circumstances we make a modest profit of 2.3 million. Which means that in this tempo we'll end up over a million short by the end of next season.


    We could of course try to boost our income via merchandise of a new attractive player. However, to not let our profits grow any slower we must keep an eye on salary growth. Scroll further down to have a look at the current squad.

    A big revenue would obviously be a trophy or an achievement. We are in the cup (playing Legia in the upcoming round) but in the league we are 16 points down on European football. In Poland, the top 3 + the Cup-winner advance to the qualifying round of both UEFA toernaments.


    The alternative is to cut costs. There's one scout busy in Poland costing two million on the annual budget. He has found me two very promising goalkeepers and a talented defender already, but he presses heavily on the budget. However, the players he finds do compensate physically and financially for players of higher value, yet with expiring contracts.

    There is currently no transfer budget.
    We need to sell in order to create some room in the transfer and salary budget.
    In order to continue growth salary increase cannot surpass 20%


    Nowak (GK), Baran (GK), Jankowski (LCB), Czajkowski (RM), Grabowski (RM).

    Stars / crucial players:
    Błaszczykowski, Imaz, Bartosz, Arsenic, Sadlok, Basha, Halilovic, Wojtkowski

    Wasilewski (38), Błaszczykowski (33), Boguski (34), Brożek (35)

    Expiring contracts:
    Buchalik (GK), Barkowski (RB), Palcic (RB), Bartosz (RB), Wasilewski (CB), Laskoś (CB), Pietrzak (LB), Plewka (CDM), Błaszczykowski (RM), Boguski (RM), Halilovic (CM), Kostal (LM), Imaz (CA), Brożek (ST), Kolar (ST)

    As you can see, my team consists of some aging players, some players with expiring contracts and some talents who are not ready to face more serious opposition from Poland's best or a European opponent.

    Keep in mind all financial restrictions
    and help me as Director of the club to formulate a strategy to save this club.

    - (Projected) club worth needs to be € 20,000,000,- or higher by July 2020
    - There is currently no budget. You need to increase revenue, or cut expenses
    - Salary increase must remain under 20% ( < 1.5 mln)
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  • Wyojasond
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    Jason Wyod: My fellow board members we have a very big task before us. One missstep and we could be right back where we were just a few weeks ago. If our first goal is to generate some funds then I believe we need to consider cutting loose a few of our defenders. Our Scout seems to be doing a great job so far in bringing in young talent and while I hate to see players leave I think we have a few defenders we could cash in on and still remain competitive. Injuries barring of course.
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    Juan Gisbert:

    It's evident that it is an alarming situation. In this cases, it's not a matter of increasing incomes or reducing costs... we must tackle both sides of our P&L sheets. That is, we must focus in both.

    Probably, it's easier to cut costs, although there are risks. The manager must do a selection of players and reduce the squad as much as possible. As we are not in European competitions, probably our squad is very long or, at least, can be reduced in certain positions. As we're refering to an urgency, we must consider the sale of those players with higher salaries or higher market values, which would have a direct impact on incomes.

    There's still time to think if the scout should be fired. For now, I'm not in favour of it. It depends on how things go after a certain period of time. But I'd focus in the salaries of players for now.

    On incomes, aside sales of players, which is the evident and probably necessary decision. We must keep our business going. That is, our business isn't the sale of players or assets, that is a ruin in the mid-long term. Our players will always be our most valuable asset. We should only sell the redundant players.

    Then we must be intelligent in our decisions, because the only real solution is the creation of a stable line of incomes. A virtuous circle in which the team must remain short, but still competitive. At this point, the Cup is a priority, a total priority as it is the only way to reach European football as fast as possible. Playing European football will always attract sponsors, TV revenues, higher season tickets incomes, etc.. Once we get the wheel rolling, things will be easier.

    If there's time for it, I'd like the manager to come up with a plan to cut costs on salaries and projected incomes in sales. Let's see how much we can get out of this. Still he has free hands to decide who's in this sad list.

    We can do it!

  • DB1512
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    Diederik Boonstra
    At the moment the only valuable assets we have are the players and our scout. Because the payments to our scouting network are already paid I don't think it's reasonable to fire him, however when a new scouting trip has to be paid I think we should evaluate the results of the previous trip.
    The value the players represent should be used to increase earnings, therefore I think we should take every bid we receive for our players very serious. With the current financial situation in mind we're not able to reject an offer which meets the value of the player so if another club meets the value of our players in my opinion we should sell him, even if the other club is our own division. With the given information I could not say which players should make it to the starting eleven but I think we should try to sell older players with a high salary with high pressure on the budget.
    The players with expiring contracts who represent a significant market value should be put on the transfer list, we are not in the position we can gamble on a possible renewal and should try to gain some cash now. We have to take eggs for our money we would say in Holland.
    If we are able to cut some players loose I think it would be wise to renew some contracts if the player has a future at the club and our scouting team hasn't found players who can play in the position of the player with the expiring contract.
    The signal of Kuba returning to us is very positive, I know you are responsible for the tactics but I suggest we give Kuba a crucial role in the team. I don't know if he still has the pace he used to have but maybe you can try him in a more central role on the pitch.
  • JoshDFC
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    Josh Nelson

    The first thing I notice with this team is the fact that the team has twenty eight players in the first team at present. My first suggestion is to trim the size of the squad this will bring in money for transfers and enable us to lower our wage bill thus making us more profitable. I think the scout in the long run may prove cost effective and with the players he finds if he can find us a gem who can go onto some of europe's top teams he will be worth every penny.

    I think we should give some of the senior players an ultimatum PAYCUT OR LEAVE. Players that are approaching the ends of there career if they want money they can go to China we are here to build something special and although times are dark at the moment I do feel we can look forward to the future
  • Stlducks
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    Josh Bishop

    As previously mentioned, the size of the squad does seem large. Cutting a few of the higher paid players would be a good start to raising funds and cutting the wage bill.

    I think the scout is important for now. If cutting higher paid players is the route we want to go, that also means losing better players. Finding and developing young, cheap talent is the only way we can compete while saving money.
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