Players playing in wrong positions!!!!!!

Mr. Soper
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CDM trying to play as a striker! some games it happens some game it doesn't. Always happens when I change a players instructions. So frustrating that it does this has cost me a few games the WL and has been happening with more frequency.

What do you do to combat this?

I'll try switching the players again and make the striker the CDm and it still does nothing!!!!

I mean this is complete B U L L SH I T


  • sonnyfilth
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    I haven't had this happen in a LONG time

    It was happening to me almost every game

    I have NO idea what specifically triggers it, because atm, I start on 1 formation for chem, then alternate multiple times in the half between my attacking and stabilising formations and no one swaps, and even after half time when I make my 2 subs I still alternate and it's stopped doing it

    It used to happen when I'd make a sub then swap formation, now it doesn't

    Worse than the 4-1-2-1-2(2) RCM > CAM bug last FIFA :D
  • RSL183
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    Its when you try to change any of you custom tactics in game. Its a glitch. For example if you change from constant pressure to drop back. Or you even change a player instruction. Some players will move around for no reason. EA need to patch this
  • Mr. Soper
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    would happen maybe once every 30 games for me. Now every other game!!!!! even changed my formation to the one i used to switch to after kick off, Take a chem hit, but it is still happening!!!
  • sonnyfilth
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    I will say that I think my team defensive style instruction is the same across all 3 formations now, where as before I think my team had a different setting on the defensive style for my chemistry formation, attacking formation and defensive formation

    Try that Soper, if one uses "balanced pressure" use that on all the formations you use, including the chem one, etc, maybe attacking style makes a diff too, but I did change my tactics a few weeks ago and I THINK that's when it stopped happening lol
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