Manual controll / ps4 players or are everyone playing the pingball simulator


Just started with fifa 19 and game feels good. I have allways in previous version of fifa played online seasons with full manual controls and that has been best gaming experience ever.

Now today i started in div 10 and even if i search and search i dont find players with manual controlls? I founded only one player in many hours of search and had good match.

Is it real that these days no 1 playes with manual controlls or what? I know the seasons mode dont have that much ppl than ultimate team but i remember the old good days like 2013 or something there were a lot of manual players that played in season mode.

Is Ultimate team only assisted controll game or is it possible that there could be manual controll games?

I just cant play with assisted controlls since the game is totally different than manual. Also the ai controlls too much the result of match by simulating situations etc, some players have grazy day and they are in hot mode in assisted but with manual that is real stuff and you lose if you play bad or other guy is better so that is the real deal.

Maybi im too old but im very sad when noticed that there are no manual players,...
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