Results of about 40-45 upgrades

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I rinsed my club of most gold players below 82 rating. I did a mixture of different packs for the sake of variety and to reduce duplicate untradeables, jumping around between the 7.5k versions of PL, La Liga, Ligue One, the premium versions of those same leagues, and standard gold upgrades.

In addition to the cards pictured, I got an IF Bamba during last TOTW and maybe 7-8 83s that are on the bench. Bamba was sacrificed to Lord Ibra.


A not bad 7.5k pack

I think I've been fairly lucky, although I haven't hit the HUGE pull yet. I would say these are a decent gamble if you don't mind losing a moderate amount of net worth. I've only been doing them with untradeables and stuff I already had in my club, rather than selling off my team and/or dipping into the bank to buy players for these.

Still no blue though. I've never packed a TOTY in 9 years of playing FUT.
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