Sol Campbell or Ramos?

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I have Ramos and just finished POTM Van Dijk.i have on CMs
Ballack fabinho and KDB Futmass
U think i should sell ramos and fo Sbc Campbell?


  • sonnyfilth
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    Ramos is far superior

    Not worth the extra coins imo, even with the packs unless you get stupid luck

    I'm not sure he's worth doing for SBC's either, cheapest baby icons are 520-530k so unless you think you will make 250k from the packs it's cheaper to buy a baby
  • Riftydogg1
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    Prime Sol smashes opponents for fun. Built like a rock and imo better than Ramos.
  • Boysie91
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    Sol Campbell doesn't stand out when I play against him. He doesn't perform Icon worthy imo
  • Gunnercp
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    I preferred ramos, amongst others to sol.
  • mdizzl3
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    Not user Ramos for more than a few games. I never have issues against him though.

    I don't have Sol but I dread coming up against him, he is everywhere
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