So I'm a bit late to the party...

o Magico
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Hey fellow forumers, I decided not to get fifa at release this time around. I could list the 10+ reasons but the horrendous button delay I've experienced for years now and my questionable self control re packs are the main two :D
I caved once I saw the futswap cards(believe it or not), Danny Dacosta looks a ton of fun and I like watching Cornet irl so yano, there's that.

Anyway I've only been playing 19 for a week or so, I'm wondering what peoples go to recommendations are, niche players who can do a job in the W/L etc. I've traded up and had some solid pulls from SBCs, if I sold up I'd have around 450-500k, I plan on having a top tier meta squad in a month or two once I've banged out a few weekend leagues. So far I've played a few drafts and 20 or so rivals matches, 86 Ben Yedder was by far the best player I used, he outshone TOTY Ronaldo, Bale, TOTY De Bruyne in draft. Mertens, IF Vecino, Koulibaly, Perisic, Callejon are all doing great atm but I'll upgrade from them soon-ish so....

what are we saying? who's your favs? FB Ibra any good? talk to me :#


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