When to sell IF needed for SBC’s?

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I profit from most all my investments. However, you name it, from holding 30+ Iniestas for Hazard POTM to Howedes IF’s for Gotze / Reus, to realizing I lost out on about 1.5 m from selling Grimaldo this week to early for David Silva sbc.

I always sell early with little profit while exponential profit follows. I get the game and make the right calls, except can’t figure out the most important step.

Will Premier League informs rise as long as VVD sbc is available, with added demand from Ibra?


  • You’ve already missed the window mate, most of the VVD informs have gone back to normal. I normally wait 4-5 hours for the panic sellers to do there thing then jump on the bandwagon after that. For instance picked up IF Lindelof for 19-20k sold at peak time for 38-44k, same with the Digne, picked up at 12-13k sold at peak time for 25-27k. Both have gone back to balanced prices now.
  • ZiggieTTU
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    Been watching Digne like a hawk... how long ago was he at 27k? Bought mine for under 13k too and at 22k now and they may keep climbing. Guess the madness came when I stepped away a few hours.

    Lindelof was tied to Ibra hype for sure, I think VVD will slowly eat away at Foster and Digne they will be high 20’s plus soon.
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    Make sure you don't list them too low to start off with!
    Also, don't be greedy! I mean don't go for NIF profit, but there is nothing wrong of you, for example, buy Lindelof for 14 on Thursday and sell him for 27-28 next day. Granted 35k and more sounds nicer, but it's still a great profit.
    There is also the danger you may miss the highest price so it is sometimes a close call.
    I sold Foster and Götze for 24-28k last night and this morning. Now you say waiting for BuLi Potm... I get that, but what if it's a very lame 86 defender?! I know chances are it will be Reus or Lewa, but remember to always sell in hype, you never know the next requirements!
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