Fix the servers

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This is a joke. I almost never have any problems but today it’s skipping all over the place. I lost a game also because I was called offsides on a corner and then replay showed the other guy had a dude standing inside the goal. Broken


  • Servers are awful, but calling offside in that situation is actually correct
  • Mmandras
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    So players behind your own goal line don't affect the game?

    It's better to just open packs and do some SBC, content has been great, but situation with servers probably won't improve until there are less players and promotions.

    When you notice huge delay just close the game and do something else. When gameplay is fast and fluid that's the time you want to play most of your games.
  • shez82
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    I never suffer from bad game play, very rare, but this WL so far has been a joke
  • Foldsea
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    Its horrible
    And i still play 😭
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