How many packs have you opened during TOTY?

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I've opened nearly 50, best player was Muller... the rest of packs a few rubbish 84s and so many 82s and under

Really disappointed I havent even packed a useable player.

Anyone out there having worse luck than me? I swear my account is blacklisted lol


  • iRusty_yo
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    Loads of 2 player packs & upgrade packs. Rinsed all of my silvers too. Nothing

    Doing Ibra sbc.. pulls this


  • MUFC_420
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    In the last 24 hours or so I've had gold 3 wl and div 3 rank 2 untradable rivals rewards, had packs from Prime Rui Costa and Prime Best SBCs and packs from POTM VVD and haven't had 1 walkout. 85 highest rated from all them packs is an absolute joke that's over 30 packs and all decent packs.
  • greif44
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    I opened ~30 packs saved from rewards and SBCs over past 2 weeks + ~20 upgrade packs (mostly la liga ones)

    mentionable pulls: Immobile, Ederson, some 83s
    I was shocked with pack weight, only packs from WL and Rivals were worth way over 1 million and I pulled maybe 150k worth of players
  • Kalhead
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    I had 100 packs saved and have done loads of upgrade packs. Best I've got was Courtois. Honestly my pack luck has been atrocious - ive opened about 40 la liga players pack and have one walkout to show for it.

    Shouldn't complain. Last upgrade pack cycle i got De Gea, Aguero, Silva, Eriksen and Modric but my chickens have come home to roost now. Have at least been able to use some of the 83-85s to get SBCs done.
  • liuus86
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  • GreezyWeezyLDN
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    I have 109 packs saved in the store but don't feel like being disappointed today.
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