Flashback Ibrahimović Appreciation Thread


  • Navraat
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    Tof33z wrote: »
    Navraat wrote: »
    Hes not that good against Elite opposition but I still play him cause its Ibra

    Just use the little dinked lob pass to him and he'll rattle in the volley a crazy amount. Almost never ground pass to him now

    I use him to win goalkicks, do scoop turns inside the box and for his crazy finishing. On buildup I'd rather not use him
  • TimRUFC
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    TimRUFC wrote: »
    I kinda miss my Ibra 😑

    Pulled him in the flashback SBC for about 50 and some UTs ❤❤ Ibras back in the game lads 😏
    Now the big question is to use him or FB Villa as a sub next to Kluivert? 🤫🤔🤫
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    For the first time since he came out I’ve built a team without him.
  • Kamilflage
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    I just benched him :(
    Got impatient and did R96, but I kept Ibra alive I know I will get that Zlatan mood at some point
  • Shshj
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    Still using mine, he and Eusebio work so well together.
  • chaser2k15
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    Nearly on 200 goals with him. Never had any player on a FIFA game I keep going back to. <3
  • McRaven
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    I tried other strikers, but his combo of skills, height, dribbling, passing and finishing is very hard to replace. I got so used to having a 5* skiller up front as well, it's hard going to 4* now.
  • ORANGEeffect05
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    chaser2k15 wrote: »
    Nearly on 200 goals with him. Never had any player on a FIFA game I keep going back to. <3

    Surprised you didn't shoehorn another converted CB or CDM at striker :trollface:
  • The_WC
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  • nitraw
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    i switch between him and fb rooney for a wide cam in 4222. usually start one and sub in the other. the strikers are prime raul and tots auba so no room for him there. and on top of that he is such a great cam. his passing is sublime.
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