FIFA 19 : Unlimited sprint

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Is there any concept of stamina depletion in this game. players are running around at 100mph for the entire match.

This game just feels like it's built to be a high pressure zerg fest with no variations in gamplay. Yes you can try to play around the high press but the interception animations are far stronger than moving and passing the ball.

I haven't got a problem with a high pressure game but there should be a trade off in team stamina. Which is something I don't see. In fact it feels like teams get fitter and stronger as the game wears on :o


  • I doubt it anymore. I've played against similar teams, where they manage to run the entire game long with out looking tired, even when they are down to the last part of the red line. Which some how acts as a catalyst for them to be as you say, stronger not weaker. Most of the players should be pulling muscles or having hamstring injuries, not getting better.
  • Hudson
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    Are you joking?! Since the penultimate update I’ve noticed all players are exhausted by the 50th minute, it’s a joke!!
  • blue166
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    The players need to be tired. Do people even read the patch updates.

    If you are sprinting around all game hounding for the ball what do you expect. Players stamina does go down. Also if you deploy high press tactics that will AND SHOULD reduce overall energy.

    To the the OP it does go down.

    To the poster calling a joke it isn't. And it's been needed for a very long time in this game.
  • Wi1son73
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    I’ve noticed lots of high pressure since all the kids got fifa for Xmas..
    It’s very annoying, but try and weather the storm, till 50/60 min and they will start to slow down and fatigue!
    I’ve seen me being down 2-0 early on, but walk away 5-2 by full-time
  • JediMastaWyn
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    Wi1son73 wrote: »

    I don't know what mode you re playing but in seasons I haven't noticed any relevant stamina depletion.
  • Bogar
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    I haven't noticed any relevant stamina depletion either. And my players get tired of trying go around the high pressure. It is ridiculous my opponent's player keep running around all game like dogs after the ball and they never get tired.
  • starfox1284
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    It depends on the instructions for some players. For instance, I have SBC Pavon who I have on stay forward....he doesn't do much running until I push it forward to him and he can run all game with that instruction and 99 stamina. However, my mids that are going like crazy in between the stay back defense and stay forward attackers....those guys by the 70th minute have almost nothing left in the tank and usually have to be subbed off. The one gripe I have is that I think the when players get down to having almost no stamina....their pace and play isn't nerfed enough. As the OP mentioned, these players should almost be near unable to proceed in the game or they get injured. It would be a much better squad management with subs strategically in game if that were the case.
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